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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Pet shopping cart in a homecenter in Kitakami.
In case your dog is accompagnying you, you just put it in this cart, to avoid him or her to fool around in the shop, annoying other customers and put dirty paws on the store's clean floor.
It is not meant to put in the puppies you can also buy in the store - if you purchase one, they put it in a closed cardboard box. The other day, I saw a family buying a puppy and then putting the box in the back of the car for going home; I just cannot believe how you can't take this new family member in your arms to bring it home. But probably they bought it for chaining it in the back of their house, like so many dogs live here in Japan, so it better get used to not living close to the family soon.
I will NEVER understand the japanese attitude towards dogs - either they treat them like babies, dress, hairdress and even manicure them, or the chain them up or put them in a cage, take them (not all) for a short walk once a day, and that's all.


Blogger Sally said...

I looked at the link to your other post. That is so heartbreaking.

Why do they live in cages at the front of the house? Are they "pets", ie for adornment, to look good / show off etc, or are they meant to be for security to deter would-be criminals?

Otherwise, why would you bother to have a dog, and then just ignore it.

The photo of that dog sitting on concrete in its own excrement was very distressing. And I am not an anthropomorphic type, and not slushy about animals - just can't believe it's anything but cruel - and that is horrific.

10:24 AM  
Blogger Julia said...

Other live on short chains in front of the house. There are no criminals in this place, so this can't be the reason. I once asked the owner of a big white husky who is chained in front of the family's living room window (the poor dog is longing to be with the family the whole day) why he has this big dog. But he loves dogs and he loves his dog, he said (and at least he is walking him twice a day for half an hour - which is not the case for all of them). It's just that here is almost no tradition for keeping dogs inside the house as a part of the family. People think it's normal for a dog to live alone in front of the house. And the Golden Retriever of the older post is a decoration for the real estate company in front of which he lives - nice decoration especially in summer, because they clean his cage only every few days.

6:28 PM  
Blogger Sally said...

Ok, just different sensibilities and attitudes to animals then.

12:54 PM  

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