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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Festival theme week, part 2

In Japan, the ages of 25 and 42 are considered as important and often hard ones, where you may have to take difficult decisions and which might be important turning points of your life.
At the Esashi jinku matsuri, the largest two performing groups where the one of the 25-year-old and the one of the 42-year-old; I have been told that it's not optional to participate for those belonging to one of these age-groups, but an obligation.
Both groups had a big float on which the musicians were sitting (all of them 42-year-old, too) and were performing in the streets of Esashi in the afternoon before the big procession as well as after, until late at night.
Taiko drummers.

Orchestra members.

42-year-old women...

... and men.

There are many 42-year-old inhabitants in Esashi!

Those who are not endued with musical or dancing skills have a less exciting duty.
Sorry for the picture overload, but I really liked this festival!


Anonymous Curly said...

Looks like a fantastic and noisy festival Julia.

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